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e-staging your property requires skillful coordination of colors, furnishings, and placement that maximizes the appeal and functionality of your home. Unquestionably, marketing a home to sell or rent means competing with other similarly priced properties. Whether your plans are to live, sell, rent, or photograph your home, the final product of the Pamela Holden Company gives you an advantage like no other. And you’ll know the second you walk through the door, because your home will feel as good as it looks.


Our consultations are a critical element in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your property, identifying its potential, conceptualizing the look, and establishing an appropriate budget.


First impressions mean everything. With your budget and preferences as our guide, we transform your property into a pleasant and welcome home that your target buyers or occupants are looking for.


Your home is a special place. Our mission is to provide you, or your prospective buyer, a vision of cost-effective and desired livability. PHC specialists can manage any project with stunning results.

Feels Like The Home
You Never Want To Leave

Our guiding principle, even in the smallest of details, is to give any person that steps inside your home a sense of comfort and warmth. Whether you intend to sell, rent, or occupy, your home should be a place you have a passion to share with family, friends, or forthcoming prospects.

Meet Pam

Pamela Holden

It was a little over twenty-five years ago when I started my business Signature Styling, the predecessor to the Pamela Holden Company. It began simple enough, providing consultation and support to local real estate agents, but soon blossomed into shopping, styling, and accessorizing for some of the most talented and highly-regarded interior designers in the business. I consider myself extremely fortunate for those experiences, as it led me, in 2006, to open my own shop in Seaside, Florida, 119 Quincy Circle in the Shops of Ruskin Place. The shop featured home furnishings, accessories, and original art work from some of the Southeast’s finest artists. We ended up closing our doors due to the effects of the tragic BP oil spill. Still, maintaining a home and business in the area was important to me. The Pamela Holden Company was born out of that very desire.

Today, the Pamela Holden Company contracts with real estate agencies and homeowners throughout North Texas and the Gulf Coast. I bring with me not only the finesse and experience gained from collaborations with esteemed interior designers, but also the insight of a furniture shop owner, which I apply to give my clients cost-effective solutions for their respective needs.

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